Comfortable living and sleeping
Because health and comfort are important

Heating comfortably

Comfortable living and sleeping

Increase your quality of life by feeling good

A home should be pleasantly and comfortably heated. Different systems are available for this. With the current convection systems, circulating air is mainly used to distribute the heat in the house. This system has many disadvantages that can lead to discomfort for many people.

Often it is not realized that these inconveniences are caused by the heating system in the house. With an air heater, the air dries out and dust circulation will always take place. The inhabitants notice a slight throat irritation in the form of a dry throat and sometimes a scribbled cough. The eyes can also experience slight irritation and the phenomenon of burning eyes is acquired.

The heating will therefore be the cause of various inconveniences in many places. While our home base should be just a good place where we can escape the constant physical stress, air pollution and noise we live in.

Infrared heating offers positive possibilities.

People who use infrared heating to keep their house at temperature notice a relief from previous complaints. The air will no longer be dried out and dust circulation will no longer occur with this heating. This mainly benefits people with respiratory infections and asthma.

Another positive feature of an infrared heating is the prevention of mould formation. Even in homes where mould was already present when the infrared heating was installed, in a period of 4 weeks, they became completely mould-free.

The house thus becomes a healthy environment where it is wonderful and relaxing.
Comfortable living and sleeping

Healthy heating with infrared heating

Infrared heating heated the walls, people and all objects in the room. This ensures that the heat can be distributed much more evenly in the room. Because the heat is in the walls and objects, there is no mould or moisture developing.

Fungus can be toxic and induce allergies, so it is of great importance to avoid this for sure. That an infrared heat has numerous positive health effects is scientifically proven. That is also why so many people benefit from an infrared sauna.

For example, infrared heat is used to improve blood circulation but also to improve the immune system. People suffering from rheumatic diseases have long known that their rheumatism complaints melt like snow in the sun, when they are in the sunny south.

An infrared heating ensures a more comfortable and vital life.

Warm as nature wants.

When we look at the laws of nature, we note that heating air to get it pleasantly warm is at odds with nature. In nature, we experience the warmth of the sun. This is a radiant heat in its purest form. Every living creature needs the infrared radiation from the sun to survive.

The sun emits this infrared radiation to our Earth and all living things on our planet. The air that is heated is a by-product of this process. Living creatures do not need immediate warm air to feel good, the sun's rays give the feeling of well-being even at cold air temperatures.

In the home this is also important, in order to keep a healthy and comfortable balance in the living room it is important that the objects are warmer than the air present.

This can only be obtained by a radiation heater or by the sun shining through the window.

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