Ecaros satin black glass infrared panels
Luxurious black satin infrared panels that can also be used as a chalkboard

Ecaros satin black glass infrared panels – professional quality – high-quality products

The Ecaros satin black glass infrared panels have a very high heat value due to their specially ESG glass surface. Whether portrait, landscape or simply square, our radiators can be installed as desired, whether it is hanging under the ceiling, or just hanging on the wall. The heater has a particularly robust and durable heating element that heats the entire surface with the ESHC conductor. Special thermal insulation makes Ecaros satin black glass heating a highly efficient and sustainable heating system and also reduces heat loss from the rear side to a minimum.


Heating with dual functionality

The Ecaros heating conductor is based on a innovating technology. The ESHC + heat conductor is completely surrounded by optimally thermally conductive substrate layers. In this way, we skilfully maximize the heat radiation from the front of the heater into the room. The above-average insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduces heat loss on the back.





600 x 600 mm


9.6 Kg

6 à 8 m²

600 x 900 mm


13.5 Kg

9 à 12 m²

600 x 1200 mm


17.3 Kg

11 à 16 m²

600 x 1500 mm


22.0 Kg

14 à 20 m²

5 mm toughened glass, with heat soak test

Connection voltage: 230 V

Surface temperature: 110-120 ° C

Technical features

Thanks to the fastening mechanisms, they offer a stable, secure hold and can be individually adjusted. The black satin glass infrared panels from Ecaros give an extra dimension to infrared heating.
These panels radiate great luxury and make the concept sleek even tighter. These black satin glass panels fit into any interior and provide every room with a wonderful radiant heat.

In addition, these panels can also be used as a chalkboard. This gives a double functionality to these Ecaros infrared panels.

These black satin glass Ecaros panels are equipped with the universal Ecaros mounting system and can therefore be hung both horizontally and vertically. The front plate consists of high-quality and durable heat-resistant safety glass.

The advantage of an infrared heater with a glass front is that it can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.
It is therefore recommended to provide an infrared heater with a glass front in the kitchen and bathroom.

The Ecaros panels guarantee energy-efficient heating with minimum CO2 emissions. All Ecaros infrared panels are supplied and a drilling template for easy mounting. We recommend the use of a good room thermostat or a temperature-controlled Domotica installation for optimal efficiency of your Ecaros infrared panel.

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