Ecaros LED lights for ceiling infrared panels
Light and warmth is all a person needs to be happy.

Ecaros LED lights for infrared panels – professional quality – high-quality products

The Ecaros LED lighting is equipped with high-performance LEDs that can withstand higher temperatures. These LEDs are powered by a 24 volt driver that ensures a stable voltage. This guarantees a long life of our LED lighting.


There is no dark side with an Ecaros infrared heater with LED lighting

With Ecaros LED lighting you combine the blissful warmth of an infrared panel with energy-efficient lighting. Due to the simple mounting technique, you can easily attach these LED frames to the infrared panel. Even if you only have 1 power point, you can operate the LED lighting and the infrared heating separately. Ecaros supplies a special switching unit that you can obtain from your specialist dealer.

Code Dimensions Wattage Voltage Lumen
LF-DL-59-L 2x 592x20x10 mm 23 24 volt 1652 lm
LF-DL-59-H 2x 592x20x20 mm 23 24 volt 1652 lm
LF-DL-60-L 2x 600x20x10 mm 23 24 volt 1680 lm
LF-DL-60-H 2x 600x20x20 mm 23 24 volt 1680 lm
LF-DL-89-L 2x 892x20x10 mm 35 24 volt 2492 lm
LF-DL-89-H 2x 892x20x20 mm 35 24 volt 2492 lm
LF-DL-90-L 2x 900x20x10 mm 35 24 volt 2520 lm
LF-DL-90-H 2x 900x20x20 mm 35 24 volt 2520 lm
LF-DL-119-L 2x 1192x20x10 mm 46 24 volt 3332 lm
LF-DL-119-H 2x 1192x20x20 mm 46 24 volt 3332 lm
LF-DL-120-L 2x 1200x20x10 mm 46 24 volt 3360 lm
LF-DL-120-H 2x 1200x20x20 mm 46 24 volt 3360 lm
LF-DL-149-L 2x 1492x20x10 mm 58 24 volt 4172 lm
LF-DL-149-H 2x 1492x20x20 mm 58 24 volt 4172 lm
LF-DL-150-L 2x 1500x20x10 mm 58 24 volt 4200 lm
LF-DL-150-H 2x 1500x20x20 mm 58 24 volt 4200 lm

1808 SMD LEDSTRIPS 19,2 Watt p/m

Connection voltage: 24 V

Available light colors 3000K & 4000K

Technical features

An infrared panel performs best on the ceiling. So when we use the ceiling for our infrared heating it seems useful to combine this with the lighting. Ecaros has devised a simple concept for this, allowing you to expand our infrared panels with LED lighting. Each Ecaros panel can be equipped with these LED frames to heat and illuminate the room.

The mounting system of these LED frames is simplistic and at the same time brilliant. You click these frames on the Ecaros panel that is already hanging from the ceiling by means of strong magnets. These keep the LED frame neatly in place.

This combination can offer the perfect solution, especially for renovation projects. You can neatly conceal the infrared panels on the ceiling and provide them with the necessary lighting. This leaves your walls free for your furniture and any paintings.

The Ecaros LED frames are available in various sizes and colors. They are suitable for both metal and glass panels. The light color can also be adjusted to your personal taste. As standard we deliver our LED frames with a light color of 3000K, but if desired we can also supply 4000K for the bathroom, kitchen or as office lighting.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Due to the expansion of our distribution network, we are looking for partners in different countries.

Do you see the possibilities of infrared heating in your sales area? Then Ecaros may be the ideal partner to make your dreams come true. Contact us today for an in-depth conversation so we can see what we can do for each other.