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The Ecaros powder-coated metal infrared panels have a very high heat value due to their specially ceramic coated surface. They are slightly structured, stove-enamelled in white and therefore very scratch-resistant and color-fast. The heater has a particularly robust and durable heating element that heats the entire surface with the ESHC conductor. Special thermal insulation makes Ecaros metal heating a highly efficient and sustainable heating system and also reduces heat loss from the rear side to a minimum.


Heating with nature in mind

The Ecaros heating conductor is based on a innovating technology. The ESHC + heat conductor is completely surrounded by optimally thermally conductive substrate layers. In this way, we skilfully maximize the heat radiation from the front of the heater into the room. The above-average insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduces heat loss on the back.





300 x 900 mm


6.0 Kg

3 à 5 m²

300 x 1200 mm


7.5 Kg

5 à 7 m²

592 x 592 mm


7.8 Kg

6 à 8 m²

592 x 892 mm


11.0 Kg

9 à 12 m²

592 x 1192 mm


14.0 Kg

11 à 16 m²

592 x 1492 mm


17.0 Kg

14 à 20 m²

750 x 1500 mm


21.5 Kg

18 à 25 m²

Technical features

The Ecaros metal infrared panels are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. The universal mounting system ensures safe anchoring. In addition, the mounting system is equipped with a safety lock when the panel is mounted on the ceiling.

Whether you want to hang the panels horizontally, vertically, on the wall or on the ceiling. With the supplied mounting brackets, it doesn’t matter where you mount the panel. Would you like to place the Ecaros infrared panel in a system ceiling? This is also no problem thanks to the special dimensions.

The advantage of these metal panels with ceramic coating is that they heat up quickly and reach a surface temperature of 110 ° C. This means that these panels can be categorized as a high performance panel and are ideal for use as energy-efficient heating.

Due to the sleek design of these panels, they can be used in almost any home or business. When you mount these infrared heating panels on the ceiling, they will take their place almost invisibly.

If desired, these sizes of panels can be sprayed in any RAL color so that they integrate perfectly into your home. Would you rather see a painting on the wall instead of a tightly colored panel. No problem for these metal Ecaros panels which can be printed without any problem with your favorite painting or photo.

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