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The Ecaros towel dryers are available in a metal version with a ceramic coating or in a white glass version. This infrared panel has a particularly robust and durable heating element that heats the entire surface with the ESHC conductor. Due to the special thermal insulation, Ecaros towel dryer is a very efficient and durable heating system and the heat loss from the back is minimized. Ecaros uses the Dual-Zone system for this type of heating, which means that the top is a high-quality infrared heater, the bottom part has a slightly lower temperature and acts as a towel dryer.


Always a warm towel nearby

The Ecaros heating conductor is based on a innovating technology. The ESHC + heat conductor is completely surrounded by optimally thermally conductive substrate layers. In this way, we skilfully maximize the heat radiation from the front of the heater into the room. The above-average insulation on the back of the heating conductor sustainably reduces heat loss on the back.







600x1500x10 mm


13.5 Kg

4 à 6 m²


600x1500x20 mm


23.4 Kg

4 à 6 m²

Technical features

Ecaros towel dryers with Dual-Zone technology have an innovative and high-quality space heating technology. With these panels you are assured of a warm and comfortable bathroom with a healthy indoor climate.

The Dual-Zone heating system is a unique technique that can be used for pleasant space heating as well as for a direct towel dryer. The device has two separately controlled temperature zones, each of which performs a separate task.

The upper part of 60 x 60 cm has a power of 400 watts which it uses 100% as infrared heating. This is sufficient to heat a bathroom of 4 to 6 m² as the main heating. When used as an auxiliary heater, it is even possible to heat up to 12 m².

The lower part of 60 x 90 cm has a power of 260 watts and is responsible for drying and heating the towels. This way you always have dry and warm towels.

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