Natural heating like the sun
Nothing feels more comfortable than an infrared heater from Ecaros

The most natural way of heating

Heating like the sun

Heating like the sun

When you bring an Ecaros infrared heating into your home, you actually get a bit of sun at home. An infrared panel heats your home according to the same principle as the sun does. The frequency that an infrared heater uses to heat the objects is 10,000 nm.

We call this frequency infrared light. Infrared light is why we feel warm when the sun hits our skin. Even when the air temperature is at or below freezing point, the sun's rays can make us feel warm. When we follow the laws of thermodynamics, you might think we should be feeling cold when the air temperature is below freezing.

The sun is the largest infrared heating

But despite the fact that the sun's rays travel 150 million kilometers through space, they will warm up every object, including the human body. Visitors to a ski resort really appreciate this experience.

Infrared heat or radiant heat is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is located at the end of the visible light spectrum. We regularly hear that radiation is considered to be negative and harmful. But radiation is a natural process of energy transfer.
Heating like the sun

Why do we call this, heating as the sun?

Conventional heating such as a radiator and convector will heat the room by heating up the present air.This heating system was used for decades to warm up the home. Most of the time, the air was heated by systems running on fossil fuels such as gas and fuel oil. Although this was not an optimal way of heating, this system enjoyed great popularity.

The major disadvantage of an air heater is that the heated air rises to the ceiling. The warm air will also try to escape through holes and cracks in the house. In an era where fossil fuels abounded, this was not considered an inconvenience.
The fossil fuels are running out and, no less important, the current housing construction is becoming increasingly insulated. A new way of heating is therefore required. An infrared heater is the ideal partner to heat a house in an environmentally friendly and yet comfortable way.

In contrast to a conventional heating system, an infrared heat panel will not heat air but the objects in the room. So it follows the same natural principle of the sun. An infrared panel on the wall or ceiling will start heating up all solid matter.

Just like the sun shining in through a window, the panel produce heat and will warm up the walls, the floor, the furniture and of course the living creatures present. The result is a healthy and above all comfortable warmth in your home.
Heating like the sun

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